They say that sharing is caring. And that’s certainly true when it comes to keeping cash in your wallet. You can even have fun while doing it. Check out these ways to save money with friends:

Sharing Is Caring

Talk about a sharing economy gone wild! Fat Llama lets you rent or loan useful items to others in your area. And right now you can get $25 if you sign up. Here are a few fun things CentSai found on Fat Llama in NYC:

  • Drones: You know when your neighbors are being really loud, but you just can’t figure out what they’re doing? For around $40 a day, problem solved! It might even help you f*ck with them a little.
  • Fancy Art: So you’re having a dinner party and your guests are high brow, but your apartment isn’t. Rent some classy artwork for your walls for as little as $10 a day to really impress your boss and get that raise.
  • Bonus: Listed under “Transport,” we found a nice young man named Felix in Brooklyn willing to help “set up whatever you need to set up” for a small price tag of $400 a day. I’m so confused, and yet so intrigued.

  1. Host a potluck.
  2. Use referrals to get credit card points.
  3. Find group discounts through places like Groupon.
  4. Share online services.
  5. Challenge your friends to a budget-off.

5 Great Ways to Save Money With Friends: Potluck1. A Potluck

As soon as you decide to eat in rather than eat out, you’re winning. Restaurants mark up food — especially booze — so much that you could be saving half the cost of a restaurant dinner by making the same exact meal at home.

There are countless ways to turn this from a boring, tedious chore into a fun group activity. One of the easiest ways to do that is to have a potluck in which everyone brings a dinner item (such as an appetizer, a few bottles of wine, or half of the entrée) and shares what they brought. Or you could take turns cooking meals for one another, switching off every other week. Pro tip: Go to Pinterest for millions of easy, inexpensive recipes for whatever cuisine you’re craving.

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5 Great Ways to Save Money With Friends: Refer a Friend5 Great Ways to Save Money With Friends. You can spend a good time with your friends without spending too much! Check out these ways to save money with friends #savinghacks #lifestyleblog #savingmoneytips #savingmoneyideas2. Referrals for Credit Card Points

This is a little bit sneaky and indirect, but referring friends for a credit card can often lead to big rewards for both of you later. I have the Chase Sapphire, and I try to refer my friends every chance I get because both of us get 10,000 points through this process. This may not be a direct way to earn money, but it ends up accumulating into credit card points that you can redeem for things like travel, dining, or cash back. Plus, neither of you have to spend any money to do this!

Caution: Don’t let it turn into some zany movie plot by applying for a ton of credit cards just to get the points. This type of thing is more of a one-and-done idea.

5 Great Ways to Save Money With Friends: Group Discounts, Groupon3. Group Discounts

If you’re in a big enough group, you can usually find a way to get discounts for various activities. Groupon is typically the fastest way to find discounts in your area. However, you can also call places directly and ask them if they’d be willing to give you a group discount. For example, I went to a magic show in Boston to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and we reached out to the coordinator for the show to ask if we could get a discounted price. We ended up slashing 20 percent off our ticket prices, which amounted to about $10 saved.

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5 Great Ways to Save Money With Friends: Share Online Services, Netflix4. Sharing Online Services

Another sneaky trick? Share online services like Netflix and Spotify with your friends. Netflix, for example, costs around $8 a month if you want to purchase a “family” plan, which allows you to create multiple accounts. Spotify also offers a similar plan.

I share my Netflix account with some friends from college, though we don’t technically “split” the bill. (I pay for it. You’re welcome, guys!) Still, it’s definitely a great way to share the love with friends. If you’re the one footing the bill, make sure your friends take you out for pancakes or something as a thank-you!

5 Great Ways to Save Money With Friends: Budget-Off5. A Budget-Off

Okay, okay — I know. But before you roll your eyes, let me just say: This could actually be awesome. Challenging friends to see who can save the most in a fixed period is not only a lighthearted way to create financial momentum, but it also makes saving easier.

Sometimes the hardest aspect of saving money is the feeling of being socially excluded by friends who don’t have the same financial concerns. But if you’re all on the same page and are looking to save money, then it’ll be easier to coordinate free hangout sessions and inexpensive meal plans. Think of fun ways to incentivize yourselves. Perhaps you can plan a trip with half of whatever money you all saved during the budget-off.

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